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SEVEN. Starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.

One of the most recent psycho-on-the-loose movies is SEVEN. SEVEN, in a word, is dark. The movie is gritty with its dimly lit or rainy scenes, and flashes to the horrors wreaked which are shown in realistic form, including the bloated corpse of a man made to eat himself to death. The soundtrack and shaky filming techniques contribute to make the movie surreal and tinge it with electricity.

The plot is a well-worn and tired premise. A killer is on the loose in the city, a self-appointed executioner for God, exacting a vengeance for each of the seven deadly sins. Brad Pitt plays the young maverick cop. Morgan Freeman's role is of the older and wiser, veteran cop, weary of the sordid and the redundancy of death. Freeman's last assignment before retirement is to break Pitt into his role as a homicide detective. The two detectives begin seeing the work of a single killer stalking various types of victims. Of course, the killer, made out to be methodical and cunning (ala Hannibal Lecter's legacy), is several steps ahead of the cops.

As you can see, the theme, tricks, and props of this movie have been done before, such as the black and white veteran and maverick cop (LETHAL WEAPON) and the intelligent and lucid serial killer (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS). Let me quickly say that I liked SEVEN, if for no other reason than the final scene. The orchestration and tension of the final scene changes SEVEN from just another thriller using threadbare and tired premises into a memorable movie. For those who have not seen SEVEN, I won't ruin the ending, and for those who have already seen the movie, then you know what I'm talking about. SEVEN is a modern noir mystery, dark and unforgiving, but well worth seeing.

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