By Richard L. Kellogg
with illustrations by Gary Kato

An Airship 27 Production
(, April 5, 2013
($9.99 paperback/$2.00 e-book)

ISBN-13: 978-0615797151

Age appropriate: Young readers ages 7-10

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

BARRY BASKERVILLE SOLVES A CASE introduces Barry, a rambunctious young lad who wants to grow up to be a detective... just like Sherlock Holmes. He drives his parents, a school teacher, and friends bonkers with his clever questions based upon his acute observation skills. While mildly annoying to some, others think Barry is just plain weird. In the end, however, observations and deductions lead Barry to save the day for his dad and earn him some overdue respect for his analytical skills.

The story is straightforward yet entertaining. Young readers will enjoy the adventures of a kid who blows a hole in the side of the house while doing an important experiment in his bedroom. The artwork will also delight young readers. Though most kids may not understand some of the Holmes references — Professor Moriarty, Doctor Roylott — their parents will if they are Holmes fans. (Not knowing doesn't affect the enjoyment of the story.)

I think BARRY BASKERVILLE SOLVES A CASE will appeal to a wide range of young readers. It's just the sort of book that would be very popular at our local community center on their children's reading bookshelf.

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