By Richard L. Kellogg
With illustrations by Gary Kato


Publisher:  An Airship 27 Production  (August, 2015)

Price: $10.99
Format: Paperback (34 pages)
ISBN-13: 978-0692518076

Kindle edition: $1.99

Age appropriate: Young readers ages 7-10

Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(October, 2015)

Reading mysteries, for young kids, must be enjoyable enough to hold their attention.  They’re not going to read mysteries just because adults want them to read mysteries. Meet Barry Baskerville, Boy Detective. He’s annoying to his friends, annoying to his teachers, and annoying to his parents – what kid’s not going to love that?!? – but the local police and his community love him because he solves every day crimes that plague them.

Barry has set for himself the task of being a detective, just like Sherlock Holmes. He is a keen observer of details that most folks completely ignore. His highly honed (for a kid) logical mind works in ways that befuddle his friends and exasperate his teachers and parents yet they marvel at his absolutely correct conclusions. 

When a series of unexplained thefts occur in his town, the police seem unable to get a handle on the crime or the perpetrator. Barry offers his help and they accept. The clever boy sets a trap that may lead them directly to the culprit.

This is Barry’s third adventure, or case, that has been chronicled in print by Mr. Kellogg. I do hope there are at least a dozen, or so, more! (I’m not the target audience but I love this series!)


The two previous books in the series are: BARRY BASKERVILLE SOLVES A CASE and BARRY BASKERVILLE RETURNS.

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