By Richard L. Kellogg
With illustrations by Gary Kato

Publisher: Airship 27
Release date: March 28, 2014
Format: Paperback, 34 pages ($10.99)
ISBN: 978-0615998916

e-Book ($1.99)

Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(May, 2014)

Unlike most of the boys in his class who wanted to be astronauts, truck drivers, or cowboys, Barry Baskerville wanted to be a famous detective, just like Sherlock Holmes. Barry was precocious for his age. His keen skills at observation and deduction served mostly to annoy his parents, teachers, and friends. Occasionally they were suitably impressed when he solved a particularly vexing problem.

The spunky yet pesky Barry Baskerville, his challenging conundrums, and investigations are sure to please young readers, as will the artwork.

The Barry Baskerville series is intended for young readers (age 7-10) but will please older readers, too. (I'm 62 and thoroughly enjoy this series.)

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