A trilogy of books for cozy crime mystery fans looking for an easy summer read has been launched on Amazon.

The Morning, Noon & Night trilogy is the latest in the Crampton of the Chronicle comic crime caper series by author Peter Bartram.

To get readers in the mood, the first book in the trilogy  Murder in the Morning Edition  is free to download. The story kicks off on Brighton beach, England on a hot August day in 1963.

All books in the trilogy  including book two, Murder in the Afternoon Extra and book three, Murder in the Night Final  chart the adventures of ace crime reporter Colin Crampton and sassy Australian girlfriend Shirley Goldsmith as they track the mystery of a robbery which turns out to be not what it seems.

As with early Crampton novels, Colin encounters a cast of colourful characters including a dyslexic tattooist, a clumsy assassin who kills the wrong people, and a stripper with a pet python.


Links for downloading the books:


United Kingdom

Murder in the Morning Edition (Free)

Morning, Noon & Night trilogy (3.98)


United States

Murder in the Morning Edition (Free)

Morning, Noon & Night trilogy ($5.98)

(Books 2 and 3 are also available to order separately.)

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