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Reviewed by Cherie Jung

DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS stars Denzel Washington and Jennifer Beals. As you know, the movie is based upon the book by Walter Mosley. Critics and many mystery fans speak very highly of it. I am less enthusiastic. I will give the director, Carl Franklin, credit for recreating 1940's Los Angeles but the story moved along too slowly for my taste. I kept becoming sidetracked by the atmosphere and sets. I couldn't figure out where they got all those nifty old cars...and in one scene, I recognized a sugar bowl from a set that my late Grandmother had given me. Mine is green, Easy's is blue.

I did enjoy the antics of one of the characters...Mouse. Denzel Washington and Jennifer Beals were okay. Watching this movie did not make me want to go home and read the book, however.

And while the movie wasn't as good as I had expected, most of the audience in the theater seemed bored. Before the film was half over, many people were chattering with friends and not paying any real attention to the screen.

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