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Starring: Sharon Stone, Chazz Palminteri, Isabelle Adjani, and Kathy Bates.

This is the remake and although I haven't seen the original, it *must* be better than this verison. And certainly, to call this a thriller is an overstatement. My biggest complaint is that there are no sympathetic characters. The wicked husband (Palminteri) isn't really all that intimidating, he's just a jerk. The wife is so childlike and mousy that you want to shake her, slap her, and if all else fails, throttle her. The mistress (Stone) is a hard cookie.

The premise, that the wife and mistress work together to kill the domineering and sadistic husband only to have his body disappear before it can be "discovered" is a promising one. The idea could have worked, with better casting and better directing.

The only character I did enjoy was Kathy Bates as a crusty old police detective. Unfortunately, this character was also under- developed. Several possibilities presented themselves in the film where the Bates character could have put quite a spin on the un- folding of the story. Sorry. It didn't happen.

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