Director: Adam Egoyan
Starring: Bob Hoskins, Elaine Cassidy, Arsinee Khanjian
Adapted from William Trevor's novel of the same name.
Rated: PG-13

Available on video and DVD

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

A simple, yet haunting tale. A young Irish girl, cast out by her family and scorned by the village, sets out to find the boyfriend who promised to write when they last parted. She has since learned that she is pregnant and believes that once she finds the father of her unborn child, her troubles will be over. Her physical journey takes her to a bleak industrial city in England.

She is befriended, it seems, by Hilditch (Bob Hoskins). He gives her a few tips on where she might find this missing boyfriend and gives her lifts in his car as she tries to track the boyfriend down. None of the information the boy has given her is evenly remotely true.

As a tentative friendship seems to be forming between these two lonely people, the viewer becomes aware of who and what Hilditch really is. And as the tale unfolds, it becomes clear that the end is not what either of them imagines it will be. Yet the viewer hopes that somehow, the two of them can find the comfort in each other that their dysfunctional lives have denied them thus far.

I found the ending unsatisfying and the performances of Hoskins and Cassidy lacking. Hoskins played the role of the obsessed killer in a manner that was too creepy. The role called for a sublteness that was missing. As for Cassidy, her portrayal of the fragile innocent young girl was believable at first but quickly turned into a feeling that no one can be this naive without some mental retardation involved.

I suggest that you read the book.

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