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“Martyrs To A Cause” by Michelle Mellon
“Shrapnel” by John Steele
“A Clean, Well-Written Manuscript” by Dale T. Phillips
“Year Off” by Michael McGlade

“Crescent Moon” by Stephen E. Campbell
“Chrysalis” by Lisa Lepovetsky


“The Loathsome Detective” by Spencer Koelle

“Gramma” by Larry Flewin

“The Way to a Man's Heart” by Merrilee Robson

“Justice Delayed” by Donna Albrecht

“The Prize” by Susan Egan

JULY, 2017

“The MacDonald Dilemma” by Herschel Cozine

“Verdict” by Madeleine McDonald

“Robbery at the Dude Ranch” by James P. Hanley

“Knew You Were Coming” by Angel Luis Colón

“Ashes to Ashes” by Sharon Hunt

“A Ghastly Shade of Green” by Sharon Love Cook


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