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JULY, 2017

“The MacDonald Dilemma” by Herschel Cozine

“Verdict” by Madeleine McDonald

“Robbery at the Dude Ranch” by James P. Hanley

“Knew You Were Coming” by Angel Luis Colón

“Ashes to Ashes” by Sharon Hunt

“A Ghastly Shade of Green” by Sharon Love Cook


“Ziggs & Zaggs” by Percy Spurlark Parker 

“Give And Take” by Margi Desmond

“Midnight Lawyer” by Anthony Lukas 

“The Gaming Hour” by Karin Britt Gall 

“Blood Money by Dave Reddall 

“Genesis” by Jacqueline Seewald

“The Offer” by Daniel DeVoto

 “Fading Prospects” by Gary Cuba

“The Wooden Box” by Martin Hill Ortiz

“Alibis” by Steve Shrott

“Beyond Justice” by Dave Creek

Good Cop, Bad Cop by Sallie Moppert

Madeline And Rupert by J. T. Seate 

Dill We Meet Again by Jim Norman 

Gladys Tillman
by Ed Nichols

AUGUST, 2016

“THE KEY FACTOR by J. T. Seate

A MOTHER’S LEGACY” by Patricia Della Valle

“REST IN PEACE” by Patricia Della Valle


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