(A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery Book 2)

By Susan McCormick


Publisher: Wild Rose Press (October 7, 2020)
Format: Paperback
Price: $17.99
ISBN-13: 978-1509233076

Kindle: $4.99


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A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery (Book 2 of 2)


Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(October, 2020)


Sometimes domestic quarrels lead to murder. Did Paul kill his wife? If not, then who did and why?

The feisty Fog Ladies – Enid Carmichael, Frances Noonan, Alma Gordon, Harriet Flynn, and Olivia Honeycutt – have returned in this second book in the series and they are just as plucky as ever.

Most of the elderly “Fog Ladies” (so named because they are as reliable as the almost daily afternoon fog in San Francisco) reside in a desirable apartment building in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The youngest Fog Lady, twenty-eight-year-old Sarah, is a medical resident at a local hospital. She also resides in the Pacific Heights building where the older, more experienced, and life-savvy residents live.

Often opinionated and sometimes with conflicting ideas of who is and who isn’t guilty, the women combine their ideas, observations, and theories to eventually arrive at the solution to the mystery of who did what to whom and when or where did they do it. There may be misinterpretations of the clues, disagreements about who the suspects are, and uncertainty about the motives behind the crime(s) but generally the ladies balance each other and eventually a viable solution results from their efforts. 

Cozy fans that enjoy untangling subplots, quirky, engaging, and well-conceived characters will enjoy this book. 

I was pleased that this time, I did not know “whodunit” early on in the book. The clues were there but I was a bit off in figuring out the culprit, unlike in the first book, THE FOG LADIES, where the killer seemed obvious to me the moment the character was introduced.

You don’t have to have read Book 1 to enjoy this book.



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