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Director: George Pollock

Screenplay: David Pursall, based on Agatha Christie's novel

Cast: Margaret Rutherford, Jim Stringer, Charles Tingwell, Ron Moody...

MPAA Classification: Not Rated
Running Length: Black & White , approx 90 minutes

Genre: Cozy Mystery/Comedy

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Miss Marple is on jury duty. Oh, dear! The clacking of her knitting needles is distracting to the judge, but not so annoying as her refusal to convict an obviously (to the courtroom and other members of the jury) guilty man found standing over the corpse of a blackmailer. Miss Marple thinks the guilty party is to be found in a theatrical troupe, so she joins up. Just as she suspected, the first murder has more to it than was presented in court. She feels duty bound to force the killer's hand and in doing so, puts her own life in jeopardy. With support from her friend Mr. Stringer and interference from Scotland Yard's Detective Inspector Craddock, MURDER MOST FOUL is another funny and adventurous romp with Miss Marple.

For those who want to give this Miss Marple a try, you can now purchase the four movies (MURDER AT THE GALLOP, MURDER AHOY, MURDER MOST FOUL, and MURDER SHE SAID) as separate DVDs. Before, they were only sold as boxed sets. Or better yet, rent one or two of the movies and see if you don't think Margaret Rutherford does a fine Miss Marple.

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