THE GLADES (TV series, 2010)

Written & Created by: Clifton Campbell

Director: Peter O'Fallon

Cast: Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gómez, John Carroll Lynch...

Runtime: 60 min
Rating: TV-14

Schedule: A&E TV, Sunday 10 p.m. (Since this is a new series, there are several repeat showings of the pilot and first few episodes each week. Check local listings for times/days.)

Genre: Cop/crime

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) a former Chicago cop moves to a small Florida town and joins the state police. But there is a little more to it than that. Apparently his former boss shot him because he thought Longworth was boffing his wife. According to Longworth, he was the only one in the department who wasn't.

This self-assured, cocky protagonist is going to drive some viewers nuts and others will detest the character immediately. I got used to the Longworth character pretty quickly but I'm already tired of the nurse and her kid. I like the actor, Carlos Gomez, who is playing the medical examiner. And, to be truthful, that will be the main reason I tune in again to watch another episode (with high hopes that his character's role will be expanded).

The setting, for me, isn't a plus. I don't like Florida. I get it though...lots of people of varied backgrounds live there. Tourists visit. There is a plethora of possibilities for crime and wickedness. And if you need an alligator (or in this case, a Cayman) to eat part of your corpse, Florida is the "go-to" place of choice. (Although I know for a fact, Georgia has plenty of "snappers" there, too. But that's not important. I don't like Georgia settings either.)

In the pilot episode, we meet Longworth and his partner. Longworth can't be bothered with the formalities of being a state trooper. He doesn't wear a uniform, for one thing, and he seems more interested in his golf game and drinking beer than actually showing up for his job. Meanwhile, his uniformed partner is exasperated by Longworth's behavior and tries, unsuccessfully I might add, to turn the situation around, because afterall, as he explains to Longworth, he is the senior partner and therefore, Longworth's boss -- technically.

Their first challenge is to identify the female headless corpse found in the swamp. Then to find her killer.

There were several fun scenes - the golf ball surrounded by crime scene tape and Longworth's solution to "Where is the victim's head?" come to mind. I think the series has potential but I'm not sure the viewers will give it a chance. It may be a case of too many viewers either hate it instantly or not enough viewers warm up to the Longworth character quickly enough.

Check local TV listings, you can still catch the pilot episode.

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