Starring: Alan Davies, Caroline Quentin

Writer/creator: David Renwick

Format: BBCAmerica (cable TV) - One-hour format, some shows are "continued" **Check program listings (or website) for air dates/times.

Genre: Mystery/drama

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

I have to admit, I wasn't immediately drawn to this mystery series. I only turned to it after viewing all of my other favorite BBC mysteries a thousand times each. I had caught bits and pieces of the Jonathan Creek show and wasn't overly impressed. Of course, I had no idea who anyone was or why they were doing any of the things they were doing so it wasn't really the show's fault I thought I didn't like it. I kept stumbling into the last half of an episode and then, gradually became intrigued enough to turn on the television in time to catch an entire episode. I must say, Jonathan Creek grows on you. Or at least it did, on me.

The basic premise is quite simple. Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies) is the brains behind a famous magician's illusions. Maddy Magellan (Caroline Quentin) is a plucky journalist who puts Jonathan's talents to use in pursuit of solving "locked room" style crimes.

Jonathan is shy, shaggy haired, and a bit disheveled looking. Maddy is an effervescent, bubbly...okay, pushy type. Together they make a nearly perfect match...except for the clashing of wills that takes place. Jonathan is the genius. Maddy is the everyday person, the "Watson" to Jonathan's "Sherlock Holmes," if you will. Jonathan "sees" the solutions to the crime before Maddy even knows what she's seen. It infuriates her sometimes, because Jonathan likes to have a good go at her and teases her with obscure clues.

If you check the website for BBCAmerica, you can locate the section devoted to the Jonathan Creek mysteries and find out more about the characters, the schedule of shows, and even join in a rousing discussion with other fans on the discussion board.

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