Producer: Brian True-May

Inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham

Starring: John Nettles, Jason Hughes, Jane Wymark, Laura Howard, Barry Jackson...

Guest stars include: Stephanie Cole, Gareth Thomas, Christopher Fairbank, Richard Hope, Peter Eyre, Chris Barrie, Maqtthew Marsh, Clare Higgins...

Studio: Acorn Media
Rating: Not rated
Run time: Approx. 100 minutes per episode. Contains 4 episodes. (4 discs)

Genre: Mystery/crime

Available on DVD

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Based on characters from the novels of Caroline Graham, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and Detective Sergeant Ben Jones investigate murders in the not-so-sleepy English villages of Midsomer County.

The four episodes in this set include:

"Death and Dust" -- a case of mistaken identity leads to a puzzling murder.

"Picture of Innocence" -- Two rival camera clubs are at it, with deadly results. And to complicate matters, someone is trying to frame Inspector Barnaby.

"They Seek Him Here" -- A motley crew gathers on an estate to film an adventure set during the French Revolution. The filming attracts some curious extras, some scammers, some crooks, and a killer.

"Death in a Chocolate Box" -- Years ago, a scandal called "The Friday Nighters" forced two of Barnaby's colleagues to resign from the force. Now that scandal reemerges with deadly consequences.

These episodes are still a bit weak compared to the overall series, but I don't expect each episode to be great. I must admit that the writers do keep coming up with new cases and new challenges for DCI Barnaby and DS Jones without rehashing previously used plots.

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