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Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Writers: Joel Coen & Ethan Coen
Based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy

Starring: Javier Bardem, Rodger Boyce, Josh Brolin, Barry Corbin, Beth Grant, Tommy Lee Jones, Kelly Macdonald, Woody Harrelson...

Rating: R (strong graphic violence and some language)
Run time: 122 minutes

Genre: Thriller/crime

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Reviewed by Cherie Jung

When a hunter stumbles on a drug deal gone bad in the desert, he can't resist helping himself to the abandoned money. However, the moment he stumbled onto the bloody scene his fate was sealed. He tries his best to outrun his fate but he quickly becomes the hunted and nothing will stop his slow and brutal spiral into hell.

To say more would spoil the movie for some so let's just say that this is one of those movies you need to experience for yourself. Just be forwarned, it ain't pretty!

Some may find the ending less than satisfactory if they prefer things neat and tidy but let's face it, crime in America today is anything but "neat and tidy." I think the ending fits and that other ambiguous endings for some characters also fit the theme. Crime is ugly these days and criminals no longer bother with a code of "honor among thieves."

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