Agatha Christie’s


Series Directed by: Leonora Lonsdale

Series Writing Credits: Agatha Christie (2 episodes, 2020)
                                      Sarah Phelps     (2 episodes, 2020)


Cast: Georgina Campbell, Kaya Scodelario, Rufus Sewell, Sean Pertwee, Sarah Woodward...


Format: PAL format DVD (This will not play on most DVD players sold in the U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada)

Also available: Amazon Prime (streaming)

Price: $21.89

Release Date: 13 March, 2020 (USA)

Run time: 2 hours

TV rating: TV-14

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery | TV Mini-Series (2 episodes)


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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(September, 2020)


Is a trio of witches responsible for a series of sudden but apparently natural deaths or is there a less superstitious explanation?

It was an intriguing premise. I have not read the Agatha Christie book the mini-series was based upon. “Loosely based upon,” according to my husband who has read the book.

In this adaptation of “THE PALE HORSE,” my first and most lasting impression of this mini-series is there were absolutely no characters that I cared a pittance about, not one. Nor were any even remotely interesting... but then, I’m probably not the target audience.

I am aware that many audiences, including British mystery fans, actually like a slow-paced mystery. While I don’t mind a slower pace, I saw no need to drag this story out for two 60-minutes episodes when one 90-minute episode would have sufficed.

Characters need not be likeable either, as far as I’m concerned, but I do expect a plot and the characters to at least hold my attention.

Perhaps better scriptwriting, better directing, and/or better acting might have help to maintain my interest. I was hoping that one particular character would drop dead suddenly, witches or no witches, but I was sorely disappointed.

After watching the entire mini-series I could understand why some reviewers felt the ending was either confusing, ambiguous, or both. I had no such confusion with the ending. I anticipated where the storyline was going and quite frankly, I didn’t care about the ending other than it was finally ending.


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