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Reviewed by Cherie Jung

UNDER SIEGE 2: The Dark Territory. Yahoo! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie (even though the local critics hated it). But then, I do like Steven Seagal (sometimes) and I do have a martial arts background, and I love to watch Seagal kick butt.

One of the critics' chief complaint was that Seagal seemed unemotional while killing the bad guys. Excuse me?

Without spoiling it for you, I'd say a guy who has been trained to kill by the military (the Ryback character played by Seagal is a former Navy SEAL commander and is highly trained in anti-terrorist tactics) should be rather unemotional while he goes about doing his "job." (Sort of like doctors and nurses during emergencies. They can be emotional later...) Besides, I don't go to a Steven Seagal movie for his acting ability. I'm there to see him kick butt, but I already said that.

I would expect a character such as Bruce Willis' John McClane to be a bit emotional about killing people. After all, he's a cop and is supposed to "serve and protect" the public. The Seagal character is trained to kill, and he's good at it.

For the most part, the Under Siege movie was fast-paced and entertaining if you like this sort of action-adventure movie. I did become a bit confused the first time I saw the movie, however, when Ryback's niece started out in one outfit and then appeared in another. It took me a bit of thinking, trying to re-figure the chronology of the train trip (which led to my confusion about how the terrorists could hijack the train and where the heck in the country was the train anyway). Here I was thinking a considerable amount of time had passed when in reality, only a few minutes had--certainly less than a couple of hours and not the next day as I had imagined. (My husband pointed out that the girl was the only one on the entire train who had changed her clothes and that he was pretty sure not much time had passed, either that or the couple having sex in one of the compartments had been at it for 24 hours or something like that...)

Of course there are a few other nit picking things but if I mention them here, it will spoil the movie's ending.

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