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SHERLOCK (1964-1965)

(Released on DVD 2010)

Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Douglas Wilmer may be a name unfamiliar to many but in 1964, he played Sherlock Holmes, in a series commissioned by the BBC. Nigel Stock played Dr. Watson. This series of Holmes stories has recently been released in a 2 disc set (black & white format). Price: $19.98. Guest stars include Patrick Troughton (Doctor Who), Ballard Berkeley (Fawlty Towers), and Nyree Dawn Porter (The Forsythe Saga).

My personal preference in Holmesian portrayals is the Granada version, starring Jeremy Brett. However, if you begin with the stories not produced by Granada ("The Beryl Coronet" and "The Retired Colour Man"), you can get an unbiased feel for the actors in this series. Setting aside my preference for the Granada interpretation of the Holmes stories, I must admit this newly released version featuring Douglas Wilmer is quite enjoyable. I think many Sherlock Holmes fans will enjoy the performances and welcome the series as a valued addition to their Holmes collection. The two discs combined have over 10 hours of viewing.

The stories include:

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