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Cast: Rebecca De Mornay, Antonio Banderas, Dennis Miller.
Director: Sir Peter Hall

De Mornay portrays a criminal psychiatrist who is attracted to a stranger played by Antonio Banderas. It soon becomes evident that someone is stalking De Mornay as she works on a case involving whether or not a suspect in a serial rape case is mentally fit to stand trial.

Since I know that Antonio Banderas is capable of outstanding acting, I have to consider the director at fault for this lack- luster performance. Banderas is actually pretty boring as the most obvious suspect in the stalking matter. Not as boring, however as the rendition Rebecca De Mornay gives as the terrified victim.

And the only people in the audience who won't know the "twist" that is coming half an hour or so before it gets there will be those hearty souls who made a trip to the concession stand or restroom during the film's heavy-handed "hints."

Except for a few insignificant variations, this film was done much better in an earlier release called "Separate Lives" which cast Linda Hamilton in the psychiatric role and James Belushi in the ex-cop, role.

Linda Hamilton and Rebecca De Mornay portray very similar characters - both have long blonde hair, work as a psychologist/psychiatrist, have repressed memories, abusive fathers, difficulties maintaining relationships, and half a dozen or so other similarities. Banderas's character claims to be an ex-cop. Belushi's character is an ex-cop. Only the cities are different. Oh, yes. And the Dennis Miller character is a replay of the character he portrayed in "The Net" with Sandra Bullock.

For diehard Banderas fans, you do get a shot of his butt.

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