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Season 1, Volume 1

A Quinn Martin Production

Cast: Karl Malden, Michael Douglas -- with various guest stars including Robert Wagner, Paul Michael Glaser, Tom Bosley, David Soul, Edward Mulhare, Dick Van Patten...

MPAA Classification: not rated
Running Length: Color, approx 644 minutes (4 discs)

Genre: Crime drama - made for TV series

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Veteran cop Lt. Mike Stone (Karl Malden) clashes a bit with newcomer to the department, Inspector Steve Keller (Michael Douglas). Stone is old-school. Keller is young and bright and has a degree in criminology. The two are partnered with Stone becoming a mentor to the younger, inexperienced Keller as they work out of the homicide division on "The Streets of San Francisco."

There are 14 episodes in this set, including the pilot. The hairstyles and clothes are a bit dated, as is the lingo, but it's a fun trip down memory lane, with the city of San Francisco as the main star. Malden and Douglas are the co-stars, in line after the city. It's also fun to see so many now familiar faces in the guest star line up.

Overall the episodes in this set hold up over time. But then some might argue that a good cop show is a good cop show. The '70s may have had less violence, certainly less graphic violence on screen, but the individual episodes still tell stories that will satisfy the viewer, especially if "The Streets of San Francisco" was a favorite program back in the days when it originally aired. My only complaint is two-fold. First this is only part of season one. The next volume (Season 1, Volume 2) won't be released on DVD until September 25, 2007. Secondly, I think there were at least five seasons. Fans have been waiting too long for the series to be released. At this rate, I may not live long enough to see the fifth season released!

Oh, well. Until more episodes are released, I'll just have to be content with watching the ones that are available over again.

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