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Season 1, Volume 2

A Quinn Martin Production

Cast: Karl Malden, Michael Douglas -- with various guest stars including Andre Duggan, Tom Bosley, Joseph Cotten, Jack Albertson, Leslie Nielsen, Barbara Rush, Jamie Farr, John Saxon, Brenda Vaccaro...

MPAA Classification: Not Rated
Running Length: Color, approx 675 minutes (4 discs)

Genre: Crime drama - made for TV series

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Veteran cop Lt. Mike Stone (Karl Malden) and Inspector Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) have developed more of a father/son or mentor/student relationship. Stone is still old-school and Keller is still young, bright, and hip, with a degree in criminology but the initial animosity of the previous episodes has been replaced by a genuine sense of partnership. And, most importantly, they still work out of the homicide division on "The Streets of San Francisco."

This set delivers another 13 episodes. The hairstyles, clothes, and dialog are still dated but the trip down memory lane, with the city of San Francisco as the main star, is still exciting and enjoyable. The guest stars continue to bring a fun sense of deja vu to the stories. It's amazing how young some of them were in those days!

The episodes deal with police matters and crimes that still challenge police officers today. Hostage situations, assaults, corruption, gang related crimes, violence against the homeless, and of course murder -- for all its various reasons.

For fans of this series, what a treat! If you haven't viewed the series before, try it, you might like it. Now we just have to wait for more episodes to be released on DVD. There are four more seasons to go...

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