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Starring: Jean Claude Van Damme, Powers Booth

This movie has been accurately described by reviewers as "Die Hard on Ice." That is both "bad" and "good."

The basic plot is that thousands of hockey fans are being held hostage during the final playoff game, but they don't know it. The Vice President of the United States is also at the game and he, and what's left of his entourage, are also being held hostage. They know it. The hostage-taker is with them and he is demanding the transfer (to his accounts, of course) of large sums of money.

The penalty for not making the transfers of money is death to one or more of the hostages...and eventually, the blowing up of the hockey stadium if all of the demands haven't been met by the end of the game.

Meanwhile, Van Damme's character is playing a down-trodden fire marshal. He used to be a fire-fighting hero until he lost his nerve in a deadly fire two years ago. But now, he has stumbled across this wicked plot and he is busy running around disarming bombs, beating up bad guys, and squeezing in a few minutes of ice time as a goalie.

The idea for this movie had merit, and could have been quite exciting. However, the frequent lapses into goofiness spoiled the action for me.

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