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Reviewed by Cherie Jung

THE TIES THAT BIND features Keith Carradine, Daryl Hannah, Vincent Spano, Moira Kelly, and Julia Devin. The script was by Michael Auerbach. This movie is "R" rated. Distributed by Hollywood Pictures/Interscope/Polygram.

If you're desperate, this movie is okay...at a matinee price or as a rental. It seems more like a made-for-TV movie.

A young girl becomes separated from her biological parents when they leave her behind, at a crime scene, while they escape. She is eventually placed in foster care with a husband and wife who plan to adopt her.

The Carradine character and the Hannah character are crazy. Over the top, crazy. They are the biological parents of the young girl who becomes the "rope" in this tug-of-war between the "families." It works until the "normalness" of the Spano and Kelly characters, as the foster parents, begins to grate on your nerves.

The secondary casting was weak.

The violence is mostly seen before or after the act, rather than during the violence which is not necessarily bad, but in this case, it makes the movie look like they didn't have the money to do the actual filming of the gruesome scenes rather than "protecting" the viewer from graphic scenes.

Usually, a successful thriller will have the major players confront each other at least twice. The first confrontation usually results in a stalemate, but builds the tension for the final confrontation.

In this case, the movie had only one confrontation--at the very end of the movie. By then, I was rooting for anyone who could put me out of my misery.

There were several places where the movie could have developed into an exicting thriller but nothing developed. In one instance, the film could have made the viewer feel sympathetic towards the biological parents, and could have created some tension between the good parents and the bad parents. Unfortunately, nothing developed. The audience was never put in a position of having to "choose sides" or invest any real emotion in the unraveling of the tale.

The audience in the theater we viewed the movie in, were bored.

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